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Preice. Prices  2022/ 2023   The house Lillstugan 2, 60 m2, 4+2 beds,  5500 Sek /week   weekend 3500  sec   1100 sek/night Bed linen 100sec/pers   End cleaning can be bought. 500 sek.  The house Lillstugan 1, 50 m2,   4 beds  4500 SEK/week  1000sek/night  Wifi is free.  Bed linen 100sec/pers weekend 2800 sec     End cleaning can be bought. 500 sek/house   White dog 600 sek.  a provision must be paid on booking with 1000 sec included in the price but not refunded except in case of illness. Fishing 100sek/persen/day and boot 100/ day Dela sidan på Facebook